Placemats and paper sheets for cheese and meat cuts
With or without printing
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CARTNORD offers custom manufacturing of underplates/sheets from white and brown kraft paper, as well as grease-resistant paper, in various formats. We provide the option of applying the client's corporate symbolism through printing in up to 6 colors. The lead time for order execution is 2-4 weeks.
Such kraft sheets are ideal for use as corporate placemats in restaurants and cafes. These placemats not only look stylish and modern but also represent an eco-friendly and economical alternative to fabric tablecloths. Placemats contribute to an elegant table setting and emphasize concern for the environment.
Kraft sheets are also widely used as wrapping paper for cheese and meat/sausage slices. Grease-resistant parchment-type paper prevents leakage and soiling of the packaging, ensuring compliance with all sanitary and hygiene standards. This makes our packaging ideal for food products requiring special protection.
Another application of our kraft sheets is as material for lining boxes and for interleaving between layers of packaged products, such as cookies, pies, and other types of pastry containing vegetable fat. Choose CARTNORD for reliable and eco-friendly packaging that will underline the quality of your product and care for customers.

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