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In the competitive wine and spirits industry, it’s all about your brand and how you portray it on the bottle. Brand owners from microbreweries to leading global producers compete for space on crowded retail shelves.

UPM Raflatac paper helps you to make eye-catching wine bottle and spirits labels that provide a powerful edge in attracting consumers. We offer coated, uncoated, textured, and metallized papers and films, as well as holographic, foil, and non-metallized filmic label faces. We also offer water and ice-resistant materials and adhesives along with ultra-clear films to create a versatile range of labeling options.

All the time you can find in our stock the following reel materials: Raflacoat Plus, Velmart White, Velmart Ivoire, Vellum Embossed, Antique White, Antique Cream, Silver Orion.

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