Paper twine
brown, white, 3mm

CARTNORD produces paper twine (paper rope) with a diameter of 3 mm, made from white and brown semi-extensible kraft paper. Our paper twine is ideal for producing paper handles for bags, stylishly packaging gifts and cakes, tying plants, bundling hay and straw bales, and for use in crafts.
Paper twine is an environmentally friendly material that highlights your commitment to environmental preservation. In addition to white and brown, we can produce twine in various colors according to your order, making our products versatile and suitable for any need.
Using paper twine for packaging gifts and cakes adds elegance and creativity, making your products unique and attractive to customers. When tying plants and bundling bales, the twine provides reliability and durability while remaining environmentally safe.
Order paper twine from CARTNORD and experience the high quality of our products, which will meet all your packaging and decoration needs.


Minimum order quantity: 1 roll (6-7 kg)

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